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Peter Sagan: My World – Why so serious?


Peter Sagan

Peter Sagan – My World – As we are all slowly getting older, things change. So did my idols. Those people to whom I used to look up to when I was young, changed. And so did I. The person I used to be when I was younger is pretty much different from the man I am today. In a good way? Well sure, I hope so.

Today, the people who I look up to and therefore would define as my idols, are mostly sportsmen such as Jan Frodeno, Sebastian Kienle and this slovakian dude called Peter Sagan. Most of those guys are older than me but not Peter Sagan. He is only 28 years old and already managed to live a life which is worth writing a book about it. Some, at the first glance, might say that this is pretty arrogant. Well, I loved reading his book which I ‘d say, is also one of my most favorite books so far.

This blog here won’t be a review of the book. It’s not about what he has written and told or if it’s just a marketing gag to make money. What I like to do is, to tell you what I thought while reading the book. Especially why the overall meaning of it has been so special for me.

A hundred riders a hundred stories

I will for sure talk about the things that I loved about the book, his story and why I think that this guy is not only a great sportsman but also very special character but let’s start from the beginning. When reading Peter Sagans book, it appears that the caption “My World” has been used for a specific reason. In my believe for a deeper reason.

If there are a hundred riders at the start of a race, there will be a hundred stories told at the end. – Peter Sagan

That’s what it says at the backside of the book cover and what Peter Sagan also addresses many times inside the book. Why I think that this one sentences is so meaningful? Because you can directly translate it for all our  life’s I’d say. For me this for example also holds true for the aim of this blog. All of the things I write and talk about is a perspective of “My World” or so to say “My Story”. I am the only one holding up the pencil to write the next chapter of my story within my world. It is our planet where you and I live but in a way it is also my piece of cake that I decide to take a bite.

Where there is an end, there is also a new start!

“A hundred riders and a hundred stories”, Peter Sagan says. Well, while Peter Sagan achieved one of his greatest victories, which used to be none other than this years victory at Paris-Roubaix 2018, another man’s world collapsed and furthermore sadly ended his life way to early. This man’s name was Michael Goolaerts who’s heart suddenly stopped while riding Paris-Roubaix and due to that crashed died.

It clearly shows that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Especially not life as it can be over in the blink of an eye. Peter Sagan story and book ends with his victory and this sad story on the last page. By addressing this moment I think this book clearly stands out from many other books as it focuses on the important things which in this case is LIFE and not so much Paris-Roubaix.

Why so serious?

Peter Sagan in his book often adresses the question “Why so serious?”. I am not a hundred percent sure, and also too lazy to research it, but it originally also has been used by “The Joker” in the Batman movies. Watching and listening to Interviews given by Peter Sagan, you clearly get the idea behind this question, as he just doesn’t take all of it too serious. Don’t get me wrong and especially not him. Saying this hasn’t anything to do with his professional attempt on riding his bike and starting his outstanding and incomparable sprints shortly before the finish line. It moreover seems to be it’s take on life by saying “Hey, there might be a reason why it didn’t work out. Why so serious? Time will come!”.

For me and for the message that I would like to be spread all of social media this question means, that  we often know the answer to the questions raised, right? I didn’t manage to finish my marthon within 3 hours and 20 minutes two times in a row. I think we all now why, right? Maybe because I’ve just been to lazy in terms of coordinated training in advance. You know that and if I ask the guy in my mirror, he knows it too I think. But hey, why so serious? Time will come where there will be no excuses. For sure, I’ll let you know about it.

Is it worth reading?

Well, Peter Sagan might say “When in doubt pedale it out”, or something like that haha. I’d say Yes, if you are into cycling for sure. In my opinion he’s one of the easy and fun guys in the peloton at the moment. So far Peter Sagans book is my third cycling book. Books that I’ve read before are the one from Mark Cavendish – at Speed and “Die Radsport-Mafia” from Tylor Hamilton. Out of these three books, this one from Peter Sagan I enjoyed the most. Cav’s the least and Hamiltons second most.

What I value the most about Peter Sagan is, that he – in my opinion – has managed to stay true to himself. He values his teammates and knows how blessed he is. In his book, Peter Sagan also very frequently addresses the fact that without “Team Peter” and his other teammates all or most of his victories wouldn’t have been possible. He is more than this one person standing at the podium. Peter Sagan is a whole team. A team that contributes its hard work for his victory.

“Peter Sagan: My World” not only is a book for cycling fans and about this one guy in particular, it furthermore displays a carreer that is achieved by a guy who himself is uniqe and for me, after reading this book an even bigger role model and idol as he already used to be before.

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